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AIDAS Personal GmbH
Thannstrasse 2
CH-9403 Goldach
Tel. +41 71 844 54 54
Fax +41 71 844 54 55

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AIDAS Personal GmbH

Our company name consists of the optimized formular for sale (AIDAS = Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Support), which means for us an you as our costumer or candidate nothing else but:

  • To attract attention,
  • To spark interest,
  • To effect desire,
  • To take action (working together, reach common objectives)
  • To suply support (assistance und support)
AIDAS Personal GmbH Team Heinz Boog Jan Plopa Irene Zollinger Astrid Habrik


During the last ten years of our daily business, we recognised, that the formular of success - AIDA (To attract attention, To spark interest, To effect desire, To take action) - needs a little optimization. Thats why we added the letter S. S stands for Support, which for us is also a keyword for our interaction with our customers and partners. We like to support you in a professional and cooperative way and help you to reach your objectives.

For you as a job seeker, that's your career formular and will get you to a new, satisfying job! At the right time, at the right place - meet the right people and successfully plan your future.

Your AIDAS Personal -Team